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Luxury and private motor yacht, gulet, catamaran and sailing yacht charter, join in the blue cruise and sail to heart of the beautifully unique bays, untouched clear coastal waters which are worth to see, coastal villages, regional cultures and intact historical fabrics. Yacht charter in spectacular natural scenery opens the doors of a new world with its rich content and visuals. Rent a yacht and step to the blue cruises magical world which will cause to change your whole vacation habits because ordinary hotel holidays are just like a room change. Rent a yacht in Croatia, Luxury gulet rental in Turkey or enjoy Greek Islands via us. In the blue cruise, you can enjoy the freedom on your rented boat.

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Rental Gulets, Sailing Yachts, Catamaran and Super Motor Yachts

Holiday lovers who have rented yacht to have a holiday once, change their holiday understanding in this way. This is because, seeing more places in a way more fun way is one of the best advantages of a yacht holiday. Image waking up in a different bay every morning, having breakfast in your yacht, swimming in the bluest waters freely and being alone with the untouched natural beauties. Yes, having a yacht holiday is much more than having an ordinary city holiday. There are many rental yacht options such as motor yachts, sail yachts, catamarans or traditional wooden gulet yachts with various different classes and sizes. After deciding what kind of a yacht you will charter, you can decide in which country you want to spend your yacht holiday. Your rental yacht is also the hotel you stay, the restaurant you eat at, the quiet place you watch the view and your transportation from one place to another. For these reasons, choosing the best yacht for yourselves is very important. In our fleet, there are many different kinds of yacht options for different classes and budgets.

Taxiyo Yachting company is established in order to gather all the worth seeing places and the yacht renting locations around the world together and to provide yacht holiday lovers with easy reaching to the yachts they are looking. We have chosen this name in order to organize unforgettable dream like yacht holidays and to emphasize our ambition to work and motivation in this direction. With every passing year, we increase the number of the destinations that we provide services. Below, you can see the popular countries where you can have blue cruise by renting a yacht.

In order to make yacht choosing easier, you can send an e-mail to address with the information of your number of people, which kind of yacht you want to charter (class or looks), in which country you want to have your yacht holiday and your approximate budget.

Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yachts

You can join a blue cruise where speed, power and aesthetic meet by renting a motor yacht.

Gulet Motorsailer Charter
Gulet Yachts

Turkish Gulets, gulets are wooden yachts which has a unique Turkish traditional design.

Bareboat Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing bareboat are sailing yachts that usually rented by licensed persons without crew.

Catamaran Yacht Charter

They are sailing yachts which has more stable structure comprising from two assembled boats.

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